Tsin Kletzin Hike at Chaco Canyon

This easy loop hike is about four miles.  It offers some great views of Chaco Canyon, Casa Rinconada Kiva, Pueblo Bonito, a visit to the partially restored Tsin Kletzin Pueblo ruin which sits at the very top of the south mesa. There is some nice slickrock walking, and a descent through some of Chaco Canyon's more interesting geology. The route is well marked, and there are plenty of cairns on the short slickrock sections. Photo opportunities abound. You can imagine ancient Chacoans climbing up and down from their high desert pueblo at Tsin Kletzin to visit the Grand Kiva at Rinconada, and Pueblo Bonito.

Hiking Description

Hike photos here.

Best time to hike is spring, fall, or winters.  Summers are intestly hot and this exposed hike would not be pleasant. Bring a broad brim sun-hat, sunscreen, good shoes, two liters of water in spring and fall, a rain / wind jacket if weather threatens, and perhaps a sweater or pullover. Don't underestimate how much water you will need even on a modestly warm day. This is the desert southwest...