I just snapped 54 photos. The sun was setting. It had just rained. The sunlight was streaming low from the west, lighting up the April trees and flowers. It was not any particularly special location. It was just my backyard.

I had my camera at hand, and noticed the immediate conditions. I took the trouble to go outside, ranged around the yard taking pictures of anything that caught my eye, tried some things with exposure and focus, and once done, came back in and right away moved the images from the camera to my computer where I organized, reviewed, and selected some of the better ones, which I tweaked. Out of all the photos there really were only two or three that I liked, and none were great. I did learn some technical things from my experiments, and now know some mistakes not to make.

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Having an audience, for most, is better than not having one.

I can’t think of too many people that produce art for it’s own sake. A few, but not many.

Why? Because being acknowledged and appreciated feels good. It makes you want to go on creating. It inspires you to improve. It gives you feedback. Have you seen that great Dr. Who episode “Vincent”? Even Vincent Van Gogh needed to be appreciated, and it mattered more than we thought.

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